Pray Day for Schools

When schools across Europe and around the world are the focus of prayer.

Pray Day is the third Tuesday of November every year

This year it will be held on Tuesday 15th November 2022, with schools, churches and individuals across the UK taking part.

We are joining with SU and praying for their Shine in Schools initiative. See our new prayer resources here

Why not pray with friends, on your own or join us for one of the prayer zooms?

In partnership with the Centre for Chaplaincy in Education, we also have two PrayDay Prayer Zooms. Register on Eventbrite and join us early morning or lunchtime.

Praying for Chaplaincy in Schools Tickets, Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 07:00 | Eventbrite

Praying for Chaplaincy in Schools Tickets, Tue 15 Nov 2022 at 13:00 | Eventbrite


Further suggestions for prayer topics can be found here

If you haven’t heard about PrayDay before, it is a day set aside every year for people across Europe to focus on praying for their schools, with events taking place in many countries including the UK. The day is for:

  • all types of school from nursery to sixth form
  • pupils, school staff, governors, parents, church leaders, youth workers and anyone else concerned about young people
  • anyone who believes that God hears our prayers

We are using the #PrayforSchools and hope that thousands of people will pray for their schools and the children and young people of our country.

We hope that Christians will join us any time during the week of 14th -18 th  November !

You could get involved by:

  • Just praying on your own
  • Running a prayer meeting or a Prayer Marathon in your school for pupils and/or staff online with permission
  • Organising a prayer evening for everyone from your church online of course
  • Prayer Walking around your local school and area  – see our video
  • Give a gift of a plant or a cake or write a card to the teachers in your school

Prayday has been going for 20 years in Germany. Last year they are launched PrayDay365 to encourage us to pray daily.

Previous resources

PrayDay Resources 2020 (shining like stars)

PrayDay resources 2019 (having courage and being fearless)

PrayDay Resources 2018 (based on Psalm 100)

Get Pray Day ideas from Pray for Schools Scotland here

Why not decide to get involved in Pray Day? And whatever else you do or don’t do, please do pray for our schools and all those involved with them. What goes on in school affects millions of young people directly and has a huge effect on our nation, so let’s make sure we hold our schools before God.

Once you have planned your Pray Day event, please register it with Pray for Schools. Thanks!