Every school in the UK
a prayed-for school

That’s the vision of Pray for Schools: to mobilise Christians to support their school communities through prayer.

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There are many groups praying that haven’t registered with us yet – so we can’t tell them about others we know who pray for schools their area, or share resources and encouragement! And sometimes people ask us whether a particular school is prayed for, so if your group is registered and you are praying for that school, we can link you up.


Each part of the UK has a volunteer coordinator who encourages prayer groups and individuals through newsletters, face-to-face meetings and email support.

England: Jane Newey
Wales: Claire Wall
Northern Ireland: Tim Martin
Scotland: Elizabeth McDowall (Prayer Coordinator for SU Scotland)

Click on your region and find out more about their activities.

Over the years we’ve seen so many answers to prayer: success in dealing with behaviour problems; a superb new headteacher who underpins all her actions with her Christian ideals; better staff relationships… We’ve witnessed a steady outpouring from God on our school which has increased our faith and made us more ambitious in our prayers. I’d encourage everyone who prays for their schools to keep going – ours is a mighty God who cares about children.

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