National Friends

Friends of PFS are different organisations who support the aims of Pray for Schools. They are all involved themselves in schools work in some way.

24-7 Prayer

24-7 prayer’s experience of hosting Prayer Spaces in Schools around the UK has confirmed something that I think we already knew – that children and young people have a lot of questions about life and suffering and purpose, but that very few are coming to Church to find answers. So what do we do? Well, we certainly begin by praying. Pray for Schools is a frontline strategy, and the team have an amazing vision – to see every school in the UK prayed for regularly. We at 24-7 prayer are 100% behind them.

The Message Trust

“As the Message Trust partners with churches to work in the hundreds of Manchester’s Schools, I think that Pray for Schools is a vital initiative. Historically every revival has started with a commitment to passionate prayer. If we want to see our schools as a place where christian pupils and teachers thrive not just survive, where people can discover the good news, where local churches are connected to this essential part of their community-this has to start with prayer.” – Ian Henderson, Assistant Director, Missions

The Message Trust is encouraging young people to ‘make goodness fashionable’ in their schools and communities, through doing fifteen specific acts of kindness for their friends, family and local community including spending time with the elderly, buying lunch for a homeless person and dropping in a thank you card to the local police station.

What you can do: Pray for Christian young people in schools who want to ‘shine their light’ for Christ, often with very little support Encourage young people you know to join in the initiative at

The Baptist Union

“The Baptist Union is actively encouraging every Baptist church to connect with and support its local school. Starting with prayer and continuing to pray for the school in a knowledgeable way is vital in this relationship and we appreciate our partnership with Pray for Schools which facilitates churches so effectively in doing this.” – Kathryn Morgan, Missions Advisor to the Baptist Union

TLG – The Education Charity

“Pray for Schools is a fantastic initiative. It is so exciting to think that by supporting every UK school in prayer, we can intercede for an entire generation” – Jonny Proud, Supporter Development Coordinator

The Education Charity (TLG) works alongside churches across the UK supporting young people who have been excluded from school and/or are at a crisis point in their education. TLG helps primary aged children by training church volunteers to go into schools and mentor children who are struggling. For secondary pupils who are at risk of exclusion, TLG  run education centres where young people are given the help they need to return to education or go on to further training.  TLG is passionate about empowering local churches to reach out into their communities, addressing the root causes of educational failure and social exclusion.

What you can do: Pray for vulnerable children and young people. Encourage your church to get involved – contact for more information or visit the website.


Cross Teach always operates in partnership with local churches, seeing our work as one aspect of the churches reaching young people in their area. This includes participating in and encouraging school prayer groups. We seek to work with churches to ensure every school we work in has an associated prayer group.

School and College Pastors

“School and College Pastors offer something that in today’s society is in worryingly short supply; an adult who is willing to perform the simple task of listening to a child. This act tells a child that they are valued and that their opinion matters. This simple act can provide the foundation for greater self-confidence and educational attainment.” – Bejoy Pal, National Schools and College Pastors Coordinator

Schools and College Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust; a charity at the heart of developing partnerships between churches and their communities. They are volunteers who commit themselves to the service of young people, offering a friendly and reassuring presence to students who may not feel able to speak openly to teachers or parents. In partnerships with schools, colleges and other local agencies, they work to enhance the safety, emotional and social well-being of students through caring, listening and helping.

What you can do: Pray for the schools and colleges in your community, and if you are interested in School and/or College Pastors in your community please contact Bejoy or visit the website.

Pais Project

Our vision is to spark a movement where the primary concern of every Christian is to advance the Kingdom of God in their world. Our aim for schools work is to serve the needs of the local schools. As we do so, we connect schools with churches in their community creating a relational bridge between the two. We work in over 150 schools nationwide and our main commitment to schools is providing positive Christian role models who will be available to be in the life of the schools on a weekly basis.

We train Pais apprentices to serve schools and Churches in a local community to work with young people particularly focusing on a fresh approach to mission, discipleship and study. This means our teams are regularly in the life of schools leading assemblies, lessons, clubs, serving in the classrooms or the wider school campus and mentoring young people.

If you want to see a nation transformed invest in young people & families. If you want to make an investment that will stretch into eternity make the investment of praying for schools!

To find out where the local teams are or to contact Pais GB, please email