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You can help every UK school become a prayed for school!

There are several different ways you can be involved with Pray for Schools:

  1. Begin prayer groups or pray individually at any time. There are many groups already praying. If you register with us, then we can put others wanting to pray for those schools in touch with you. We also provide guidelines for groups and individuals who want to start praying for a school.
  2. Organise and promoting larger prayer events for schools in an area, organised around Education Sunday, Pray for Schools Fortnight, Back to School Sunday and Pray Day for Schools. If you register your event with us, we will advertise it on our website.
  3. Encouraging churches to pray for and support their local schools.
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  4.  Donate to Pray for Schools  here                                       You can get involved in any of these ways, and we love   to hear about what you are doing!

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