Prayer for Wales

Here are some suggestions for prayers for Schools in Wales, written by Claire Wall.

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Praise and Thanks for

  • The workers that are taking the Christian message into the schools
  • for school chaplains,
  • blessing,
  • protection
  • For the people that are faithfully praying for the children and the schools
  • the heritage of those who have gone before.
  • Thank the Lord for the children

Prayer for


  • That children would enjoy learning and find school a good place to be
  • That he would protect their friendships
  • Pray that God would speak to them on their journeys to and from schools or at any time and put his protection round about them
  • Protection from or healing from abuse, bullying, and broken homes.


Please pray for teachers and support staff in your local primary, secondary schools and sixth form colleges:

  • Head teachers – wisdom, gifts, and gift of communication.
  • Good relationships with Governors, and for Godly governors.
  • Protection for the teachers, that they be lifted up and honoured by society.
  • That the teachers would have empathy, and listening ears to hear.


  • That the schools would be safe, exciting /stimulating places for the children.
  • That they would be places where the children discover their talents and where every child feels valued, special and encouraged.
  • That the Lord would open His provision for talent and money for schools in deprived areas and that every school would have enough money.
  • That schools lunches would be nutritious and delicious and that God’s blessing to be with the dinner ladies.
  • For more people to be made aware of the need to pray for the schools
  • For churches to become more involved in praying and supporting the schools
  • For the Special Schools and their teachers.
  • For the minister and government/assembly department in charge of education.