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Enter your postcode for schools in your area. You can see if they are registered with Pray for Schools and join an existing prayer group or register a new group, or as an individual with us. Let’s work together to cover every school in the country with prayer! (1 mile radius of postcode)

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Back to School with God resources available

Back to School with God is about inviting God to be part of school life, and affirming support for those who are part of the local school community. It is an opportunity for churches to commission their young people and school staff, and to encourage ongoing prayer for local schools throughout the year.

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Education Sunday

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Pray for Schools Fortnight

t8th – 22nd May 2016 This year’s theme is Freedom 2 Corinthians 3 verse in 17 For the Lord is the Spirit and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!     Lesley Hollingworth’s beautiful image of a bird soaring through the sky reminds us of the wonderful liberty we have in […]

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Pray Day for Schools 2015

The third Tuesday of November every year is Pray Day, when schools across Europe and around the world are the focus of prayer.  This year it will be held on Tuesday 17th November 2015, with schools across the UK taking part. This year we are looking at Hebrews – and planning a Prayer Marathon Relay: Let us run with perseverance the […]

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