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Pray for Schools Northern Ireland

Heather Wallace is the coordinator for Pray for Schools in Northern Ireland. Our partners here in Northern Ireland include, CARE, Crown Jesus, Urban Saints, Scripture Union, Youth for Christ, 24/7 Prayer Ireland and the churches here.

There are 1, 187 schools in Northern Ireland (DENI 2014), our vision is to see each one of them prayed for by their community in or surrounding the school. We have a small number of schools already being prayed for around Northern Ireland.


At the end of last year we held a meeting, gathering together staff and supporters of local schools to meet and pray into this vision and to seek Gods heart for our schools. This is something we hope to hold again so watch our Facebook page for future events.

DSC_1014If you are interested in praying for your local school and would like more information contact Heather.


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