Group Locations

The vision of Pray for Schools is to see every UK school be supported by prayer.

There are around 30000 schools in the UK. Many already have groups of  parents, teachers, local church members or pupils who are praying specifically for their local school.

We encourage groups to register with us and let us know what schools they are praying for.  We maintain a database of these schools. That way we know which schools are prayed for schools – and which are not. This map represents some of the groups praying for schools throughout the UK.

If you would like to know if there already is a prayer group at your local school, or if there are other groups in your area, please contact us

If you are part of a prayer group that is not registered with Pray for Schools, then please let us know – that way we can put others in your area who want to pray in touch with you when they enquire.