Back to School with God

Back to School with God

Back to School with God Sunday

Pray for Schools is encouraging local churches to send children, young people, and anyone working in schools Back to School with God, at the start of each academic year.

Back to School with God is about inviting God to be part of school life, and affirming support for those who are part of the local school community.  It is an opportunity for churches to commission their young people and school staff, and to encourage ongoing prayer for local schools throughout the year.

The prayers available here for download could be included in a church service near the beginning of term in September.  Other ideas include interviewing a teacher or young person about their life at school, or asking them to do a reading as part of the service.

Pray for Schools Scotland has promoted Back to School with God across Scotland for several years, and has lots of additional resources including outlines of services.

This year’s theme is Earth calling Heaven based on the story of Nehemiah- and in particular the way Nehemiah prayed.

There are three main teaching points:

1. Looking up!    Nehemiah prays to the God of  heaven

2. Praying long and hard!    Nehemiah perserveres in prayer

3. Praying short and sharp!     Nehemiah’s natural instinct is to send an “arrow prayer”

You can find these resources at .

If you include a Back to School with God element in a service, let us know what you did – it is always great to have your feedback and it provides inspiriation for others as well!

Download BACK TO SCHOOL WITH GOD resources

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